Mike Monnik


Mike Monnik is the CTO of Privisec and works with companies looking for a strategic, yet forward-thinking approach to their IoT, drone, counter-drone, and UTM system security programs. With his significant expertise in offensive and defensive cybersecurity methodology, his love for drones led him to begin advocating for drone security in 2016. DroneSec quickly became the go-to source for the latest industry information, culminating in the creation a global threat intelligence platform alongside traditional hacking, hardening, forensics, red-teaming, and aerial threat simulation services. Mike has worked at both BAE Systems and the Department of Defense in cybersecurity roles and his experience with managing  ‘RED’ team at Privasec enables him to uplift a company’s security posture from both an attacker’s and defender’s perspective. He has lectured on Digital Forensics at Deakin University in Australia, founded the Deakin Information Security Club (DISC), currently organises the Melbourne SecTalks Meetup and has a passion for Open-Source Intelligence, Missing Persons advocacy and building Capture-The-Flag competitions.