Joel Wong

A network & data professional with experience across telco & IP networks, cybersecurity, data security and analytics. Throughout his career, Joel Wong has led numerous transformation programs that cover network modernisation focused on network security and driving performance efficiencies, nationwide network intelligence insights initiatives as well as cloud data platform transformation strategy for the leading Telco in Malaysia, which he orchestrated the delivery program, established data security & governance practices and policies ensuring data assets are curated, managed and secured.
Currently, he heads the Solutions & Sales Engineering Asia Pacific & Japan team at Swimlane, where he and his team bring security analytics and automation solutions to their customers in the region using Swimlane’s low-code automation technology to address the talent shortage & burnout of cybersecurity professionals in the region through automating repetitive and transactional SOC processes while providing security professionals with timely insights that allow them to be proactive when addressing security threats.

Outside of work, he enjoys being outdoors, be it in the jungle, cycling through the forest pathways or scuba diving in the oceans. Of course, enjoying such moments with friends and family.