Farrel Tirtadinata

Farrell Tirtadinata has had 15+ years working around cybersecurity, online brand protection, technology, and innovations. Ranging from early admin/support roles to regional management of a number of businesses under the Thomson Reuters and Clarivate Analytics umbrella, with clients from Fortune 500 and ASX 200 companies, as well as local and federal governments across APAC, EU, and the USA. After a brief break from the corporate world, Farrell started his own consultancy whilst travelling around the world, assisting a variety of clients in many industries around cybersecurity, innovative technologies, and IP/brand management. Now, back in his home state of Western Australia, he’s bringing his passion for cybersecurity to showcase the local and national talents from the region – working as the Business Solutions Director of Avertro, a venture-backed Australian start-up, focusing on the business representation of cybersecurity, building a tangible and defensible way to translate cyber in a normalised way to the CxO’s and Boards, explain the cyber-why to the business and elevate security leaders and teams to where they deserve to be: the heroes in the story.