Abhinav Mishra

Abhinav Mishra is the founder of ENCIPHERS, a fast growing information security consultancy and training firm based out of India. Abhinav a.k.a. `0ctac0der` also head the penetration testing, training and other offensive security projects teams. He has an experience of 8+ years in penetration testing of web/mobile/ infrastructure and training. He started his career right after the college graduation in 2011, though he has been actively hacking (ethically) long before. When he hacked his college ERP application in 2010, he realized the potential of the skill and also the need to secure the internet. Since then, Abhinav have been helping organizations, by penetration testing their web/mobile apps, infrastructure, and training the teams. Abhinav has spoken at numerous security conferences, meets and events. Abhinav also holds multiple accolades and rewards for finding security issues through responsible disclosure/bug bounty programs.